Settings consist of several elements:

  • Account settings
  • General settings
  • API keys


ML Settings

This section allows you to configure your machine learning settings.

Confidence score

This value indicates the similarity of text entered by the user to the created interaction. Confidence score must be in the range of 0 - 1, where 0 means 0%, 0.5 - 50% and 1 - 100%.

Entity confidence score (soon)


Maximum amount of errors allowed in your conversation. If you have reached the limit, the session data will be refreshed.

The lifespan parameter is decremented after every incorrect matching and when system asks the user to fill the required parameter.

Lifespan will be reset to the default value after every correct match.

API Keys

You can find your API keys there.

Client access token

Client access token should be used to invoke /query endpoint. It can be visible to your users.

Developer access token

Developer access token is only for you and should be kept in private. This token allows you to make requests to our API.