Entities are data buckets that can be used in interaction. They are divided into system entities and user-created entities. Entities allow you to extract parameter values.

Using entities

In interaction, use entities in User Says section by inserting {{entity_name:alias_name}} into your message.


I would like to book a hotel in {{city:name}}.

Do you have any available hotels in {{city:name}}

Entities matching system

You can define your confidence score that will be used in entities matching. You can setup entities confidence score in Settings tab.

When your confidence score is set to 0.7, your input query message must be similar to entity in minimum 70% percent. With this, you don’t have to enter all entity variations.

System entities

System entity can be a date, an email or anything else that is defined and recognized by default.

The table below presents all the supported system entities.

Entity name Description User Says Query Returned data
sys.any Matches anything that is non-empty. I want to book a hotel in {{sys.any:city}} I want to book a hotel in New York New York
sys.url Matches url {{sys.url:url}} http://botengine.ai http://botengine.ai
sys.integer Matches integer number {{sys.integer:integer}} 12 12
sys.number Matches ordinal and cardinal number {{sys.number:number}} one hundred thirty million five hundred seventy thousand 130570000
sys.phone-number Matches phone number {{sys.phone-number:phone}} 650-283-4757 650-283-4757
sys.temperature Matches temperature {{sys.temperature}} 37°c

70 degrees fahrenheit

45 degrees
{ unit: 'celsius', amount: 37 }

{ unit: 'fahrenheit', amount: 70 }

{ unit: 'unknown', amount: 45 }
sys.email Matches e-mail {{sys.email:email}} support@botengine.ai support@botengine.ai

We are still working to support more system entities.

User entities

User entities can be used in User Says as well as system entities. You can define your entities in Entity section.

You can create specific entities for your stories, e.g. list of movies, type of flowers or whatever you want.

Create your user entity

You can go to Entity section and click on the plus button to create a new entity. Each entities entry has the reference value and the synonyms related to this value.

User entity

After you create an entity, you can use it in your interactions. An example of the usage is presented below.

I would like to go to {{movie:name}}

You can also define the user entities by our API. Click here to get more details.