LiveChat integration allows you to connect created scenarios with your LiveChat account. You can take control of any conversation if your bot not recognize something.

Use a bot for better customer service on LiveChat

Use BotEngine to get your very own chat bot for your LiveChat. The set up is really simple and you can benefit a lot from having a bot like that:

  • the bot can deal with easier cases, giving agents more time to work on the more difficult ones,
  • the bot doesn’t sleep, so it will have no problem working overtime or after-hours,
  • the bot can take thousands of chats at the same time and it will still be able to answer all of them.

Sounds good? Follow the steps below to get your own BotEngine chatbot for your LiveChat.


First of all, you will need to set up a LiveChat account. Head to their website and sign up.

Once you’ve signed up, log in to BotEngine and head to the Integrations section. Choose the LiveChat integration to proceed.

Accessing LiveChat and BotEngine integration

Next, you will need to sign in with your LiveChat account.

Signing in with LiveChat in BotEngine integration

You will need to type in your LiveChat account email and password (the same you use to log in to LiveChat).

You will also need to allow BotEngine to access some information on your LiveChat account. Click on Allow to proceed.

Now, it’s time to set up a bot for your account. Choose a story you want to use and click on the Create a bot button.

Creating a bot in LiveChat and BotEngine integration

After naming and entering an email address for the bot, click on Confirm to finish bot creation.

Confirming chat bot creation in LiveChat and BotEngine integration

And presto! The bot is now ready to receive chats from customers. Here are a few rules the LiveChat bot lives by:

  1. All chats from customers will go to the bot first.
  2. The bot will transfer chat to agents if it can’t handle them or the customer requests a transfer.
  3. You can transfer chats back to a bot if you think it can handle them.
  4. Until you turn it off, the bot will continue to receive chats.
  5. The bot takes up an agent slot.
  6. All chats handled by a bot are tagged (‘botengine for all chats’ and ‘botengine-transfer’ for bot chats that ended with a transfer) and available in the Archives.

If you don’t want to use a bot anymore, simply got to the LiveChat integration settings in BotEngine and disable the bot.

Control integration

You can also disable bot agent whenever you want by clicking on/off button.

Control integration

Testing your bot

After connecting your story to bot agent you can test your bot in your LiveChat widget.

Anytime you need, you can check your user conversations in Archives section.