Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger integration allows you to easily public your created bots on your Facebook fanpages. You don’t need Facebook application to run this integration.


Control integration

You can also disable this integration whenever you want by clicking on/off button.

Control integration

Get started button

If your users meet your bot for the first time you can display Get Started button. Once the button is tapped, your story is triggered with configured postback.

You can set welcome in postback to invoke Default Welcome interaction. You can also invoke any other root interaction, but remember to set this postback in the chosen interaction in the User Says section.


Greeting text

You can define your greeting text that will be shown to users meeting your bot for the first time. It is a reference to Facebook Messenger Greeting Text.


You can connect your bots to maximum 10 fanpages at the same time.

Testing your bot

After connecting your story to Facebook page you can test your bot in your Facebook Messenger.

Anytime you need, you can check your user conversations in Archives section.